Coffee was invented in Ethiopia.
Long, long ago a goatherd with the name of Kaldi, noticed that his animals got rather excited after eating a certain type of berry, and began to 'dance'. He picked a turban full of these berries and boiled them in water. The result was not exactly encouraging taste-wise but after drinking the brew he did feel noticeably alert and was able to stay focused throughout his nightly goat-oriented activities, whatever they may have been. He called his concoction 'bean', or in local dialect: 'bunn'.

It was picked up by Arabian merchants, who spotted a business opportunity. Bunn didn't quite have a commercial ring to it so they instead went for 'Quahweh' (pronounced: 'caffay') which means 'Drink that gives you power'. Quahweh became much sought after in The Arabian countries, Egypt, Syria, Persia and Turkey.


At the end of the 16th century, the Italians discovered the magic beans and began importing them. And so Italy became the cradle of the European coffee culture.

And so Italy became the cradle of the European coffee culture. Coffee, initially purely accessible to the elite, started dropping in price and gaining in popularity from the start of the 18th century. From around 1750 onwards coffee knocked beer off the top of the drinks chart and became the people's favourite drink. And still to this day it is coffee, not oil, which is the most important commodity on this planet.


French coffee

Italian coffee

Top ten coffee producing countries

1. 1. Brazil (22,5 million bags -1 bag = 60 kilo): produces about a third of all coffee worldwide.
2. Colombia (10,5 million bags)
3. Indonesia (6,7 million bags)
4. Vietnam (5,8 million bags)
5. Mexico (5 million bags)
6. Ethiopia (3,8 million bags)
7. India (3,8 million bags)
8. Guatemala (million bags)
9. Ivory Coast (3,3 million bags)
10. Uganda (3 million bags)

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